Overview of mandatorily disclosed information under Decree No 442/2006 Coll.

1 Complete official name of the entity

Financial Market Guarantee System

2 Reason for and the manner of establishing the entity, including the conditions and principles under which the entity performs its activity

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3 Organisational structure

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4 Contacts

4.1 Contact mail address

Garanční systém finančního trhu
Týn 639/1
110 00 Prague 1

4.2 Office hours

Mo-Fri: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4.3 Telephone

Tel.: +420  237 762 796

4.4 Fax

+420 237 762 799

4.5 Website

www.garancnisystem.cz, www.gsft.cz

4.6 Official e-mail address for electronic correspondence


5 Bank account for payments from the public

č. ú: 500008252/0800

6 Business ID No of the organization (IČ):


7 Tax ID No (DIČ):

CZ 497 10 362

8 Documents

8.1 List of main documents

Bond Issue Programme

8.2 Information on the approved budget

More information can be found in the sections Budget and Budget Outlook

9 Information under Act No 106/1999 Coll. can be requested

By mail: Garanční systém finančního trhu
Týn 639/1
110 00 Prague 1

By telephone: +420  237 762 796

By Fax: +420 237 762 799

By e-mail: info@gsft.cz

To request information, you can use the template: Request for Information Form

The provision of information on request is subject to the payment of costs according to the Tariff.

10 How to proceed for deposit compensation

Basic compensation payout:

For basic compensation payout (up to EUR 100,000), the client does not have to fill out any form. He/she only proves his/her identity by showing his/her identity card/any other document proving the right of a legal entity at the payout point (branch of a payout bank).

Information about the commencement of deposit compensation payout and its methods will be published in the media, on the Guarantee System website, on the website of the insolvent bank, and also on the website of the payout bank.

Increased compensation payout:

Unlike for basic compensation payout, the depositor needs to fill out an application if he/she wants to be granted increased compensation. All the information about increased compensation can be found here.

11 Appeals

If a client believes that he/she has not been granted compensation in the right amount, he/she can use the complaint process. Below, you can find the claims form, which you can complete and send to the Guarantee System - complaint form

12 Forms


13 Relevant legislation


14 Annual reports

Annual reports