Československé úvěrní družstvo payout from 11/08/2021 until 11/08/2024

Sberbank CZ, a.s. payout from 09/03/2022 until 10/03/2025

11.05.2022 | NEWS

Sberbank CZ has gone into liquidation


26.04.2022 | NEWS

Information from the Financial Market Guarantee System: the deadline for the delivery of requests for the payout of increased compensation for Sberbank CZ clients is 28 April 2022


21.04.2022 | NEWS

On 22 April, 2022, the Financial Market Guarantee System will commence the payout of compensation for deposits to the institutional clients of the bankrupt Sberbank CZ, a.s. through the branch network of Komerční banka

Educational Materials

Here you can find educational materials in the form of videos, vlogs and quizzes prepared by the Financial Market Guarantee System.

These materials are available on the YouTube (videos) and Qz.app.do (quizzes) platforms.

All these materials are available only in the Czech language.

Guarantee System Leaflet

The links below provide a leaflet summarizing the most important information about the Financial Market Guarantee System, including insured and uninsured deposits, payouts and deposit insurance beyond EUR 100,000.

Leaflet in pdf file format

Leaflet in text format

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