Sberbank CZ has gone into liquidation

Prague, 11 May 2022 – Following the Czech National Bank decision to withdraw the license of Sberbank CZ, a.s., which came into force on 30 April 2022, Sberbank CZ, a.s. has gone into liquidation and a court has appointed a liquidator for the bank.

On 2 May 2022, the Municipal Court in Prague appointed JUDr. Jiřina Lužová, who has already had experience with the liquidation of ERB bank, a.s., as liquidator of Sberbank CZ, a.s. The liquidator will be notifying all known creditors of Sberbank CZ, a.s. that it has gone into liquidation. She will also publish this notice at the same time and invite creditors to enter their claims into the liquidation process. This will also apply to depositors of Sberbank CZ, a.s. whose claims are not insured under the Banks Act or exceed the statutory limit for deposit compensation paid out by the Financial Market Guarantee System. The liquidator will also assess the economic situation of the bank, and whether the liquidation process will continue or an insolvency petition filed. For more information, we recommend visiting the Sberbank CZ website.

Any questions regarding the liquidation of Sberbank CZ, a.s. can be sent to the following e-mail address:

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