More detailed information on the conditions under which it is possible to obtain increased compensation for deposits (i.e. compensation for so-called ‘temporary high balances’) above the basic limit of EUR 100,000 can be found here. Increased compensation can be granted to natural persons only.

The payout of increased compensation is made on the basis of applications submitted by entitled persons who prove their right to receive increased compensation through the relevant documents and who deliver their applications to the Guarantee System by the deadline specified here: Payouts in progress. Overview of mandatory attachments to the application form is available here. Mandatory attachments have to be delivered in their original version or in officially certified copy.

The client will be informed about the method of processing his/her application in writing within the statutory period of 4 months from the record date.

Just as in the case of basic compensation payouts, payouts of increased compensation take place through selected branches of the payout bank during the opening hours of each branch and for a period of three years from the payout start date. The list of branches of the payout bank can be found here: List of the payout bank branches .