Jiří Hrabovský appointed new senior lawyer at the Guarantee System

Prague, 12 June 2023: Jiří Hrabovský took up the position of senior lawyer at the Financial Market Guarantee System in May 2023.

As senior lawyer at the Financial Market Guarantee System, Jiří Hrabovský will oversee the payment of compensation for deposits at financial institutions identified by the CNB as unable to meet their obligations. “This is a great challenge and responsibility, and I will be making full use of my experience in both the public and private sectors,” says Jiří Hrabovský.

Jiří Hrabovský began his professional career at the Securities Commission, after which he practiced law and was also the head of the legal departments at Generali PPF Holding B.V. and O2 Czech Republic a.s. He was a member of the CNB and CTO appeal committees and the chairman of the Czech Radio Council supervisory committee and has also been actively involved in alternative dispute resolution as an arbitrator and mediator.

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