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Under the Act No 374/2015 Coll., on Financial Crisis Prevention and Resolution, on 1st January 2016, the Deposit Insurance Fund was transformed into the Financial Market Guarantee System (“Guarantee System” or “FMGS”).

The Guarantee System administers client deposit insurance –it has therefore taken over the role the Deposit Insurance Fund (now an accounting unit of the Guarantee System) had until 2015. The Guarantee System also administers the newly formed Crisis Resolution Fund (also an accounting unit of the Guarantee System).

Deposit insurance covers particularly credit balances on current, term and deposit accounts or savings books, certified by a certificate of deposit, deposit notes or other similar documents. The Guarantee System guarantees deposit compensation for deposits held at banks, building societies, or credit cooperatives with their registered office in the Czech Republic and branches of banks with their registered office outside EU in the amount of 100% of the aggregate sum of deposits, up to a maximum basic compensation of EUR 100,000 for a client per bank. In certain legally defined cases, the compensation can be even higher. Deposits held at the branches of foreign banks with registered office in the EU country that are active in the Czech Republic are insured by the foreign bank’s home country deposit insurance system. The potential payout of deposit compensation for clients of these banks will be performed by the Guarantee System according to the instructions and at the expense of the home deposit insurance scheme.

The Guarantee System is managed by the Board of Directors appointed and recalled by the Minister of Finance, and by the three-member Management Board that has the role of statutory body.

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(April) The Deposit Insurance Fund office opens


The collapse of the first bank since the establishment of the Fund (Česká banka, a.s.)


Insurance coverage is extended to deposits held in foreign currencies and the minimum limit is increased from CZK 400,000 to EUR 25,000


The CNB declared Union banka insolvent, the Fund commences the largest compensation payout in its history (CZK 12.5 billion, 130,000 clients)


Integration of credit cooperatives into the deposit insurance system


The 10% co-insurance is abolished and the maximum limit increased from EUR 25,000 to EUR 50,000


The start of preparations for the new, accelerated system of deposit compensation payout drafted by the European Commission


Increase of the insurance limit to EUR 100,000; reduction in the deadline for payout commencement to 20 business days


Payout of deposit compensation of the cooperative credit union Vojenská družstevní záložna commenced


Payout of deposit compensation of the cooperative credit union UNIBON, spořitelní a úvěrní družstvo commenced


Česká spořitelna, a.s. and GE Money Bank, a.s. (from 1st May 2016 under the name MONETA Money Bank) become new payout banks


Payout of deposit compensation of the cooperative credit union Úvěrní družstvo PDW, Prague commenced


Payout of deposit compensation of the cooperative credit union Metropolitní spořitelní družstvo, in liquidation commenced. Almost 14,000 clients were compensated in a total amount of more than CZK 12 billion.


20 years of existence of the Deposit Insurance Fund


Transformation of the Deposit Insurance Fund into the Financial Market Guarantee System


(1st June) Reduction of the deadline for payout commencement from 20 business days to 7 business days